cakes for kids
cakes for kids

Yes, there is such a thing as a cake that is good for your kids.

Sure, excess refined sugar, synthetic flavourings, and additives you cannot even pronounce won’t do your kid any good – and this is exactly why you have to be super careful when choosing the type of desserts they eat.

Here are a few things you should watch out for:

  1. Refined added sugars: most processed and packaged goods contain added sugars, which is a very effective stabilizer and preservative. What that means is that sugar makes foods and drinks last for longer than they normally would. It also brings up risks of obesity, acne, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes, so maybe it’s not exactly the best thing for your kid.
  2. Dairy: for the people who are unable to produce lactase (an enzyme naturally produced by the organism that is involved in digesting dairy products), lactose can trigger really unpleasant adverse side effects. There are studies that estimate that up to 65% of the world’s population actually is lactose intolerant, so they are unable to digest this lactose thing, which leads to uncomfortable side-effects.
  3. Gluten: the gluten in your run of the mill, regular types of flour can be hard to digest, especially for the little ones. In turn, this can lead to unpleasant feelings in the digestive system, bloating, and even stomach aches.

But wait, you said there IS a cake that’s good for kids, we hear you wondering.
And yes, there is such a cake. Or cakes, to be more precise.

It’s our gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, egg-free, 100% natural, and raw cake.
Yeah, we really went all out. And do you wanna know why?

Because we created it with our kid in mind. When our little one came to be, we just knew that we had to offer him the absolute best in life – and that includes dessert. We are foodies and we didn’t want to keep him away from tasty, delicious treats. Instead, we opted to make the best and most healthy desserts he could ever have.

For this reason, we never use refined sugar in our desserts. At most, you might find a touch of honey or maybe some stevia every now and then (a 100% natural sweetener) which we use in our vegan cakes. We also make our cakes with no flour and no dairy, to make sure that the desserts don’t interfere with the body’s natural digestive system. We’re also not using egg – it’s not all that long ago when we found out that this is one of the most common allergens found in food, so we thought it best to avoid it in the first place.

Maybe now you’re wondering what we are actually using?
Well, our cakes are made up of a mixture of fresh and dried fruit, nuts and seeds, healthy vegan butters and milks, spices and superfoods. All ingredients are blended to perfection, poured into cake tins and then frozen until set, so there’s no baking is involved – this guarantees that as many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals remain in the cake and don’t get lost in the process. As a matter of fact, they are processed at temperatures below 46 degrees Celsius, which is what helps them retain all their valuable minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins.

And the absolute perfect example is our Kid-Friendly Banana Caramel Cake. One of our 2 vegan cakes, this one has been specially created for kids (of all ages, we might even say ): it has a lower nut content than some of our cakes, while still boasting on sesame, a well-known kid-favourite and amazing calcium source. Also, alongside all the super tasty superfoods, the little ones will get to enjoy an excellent caramel taste – which comes from, yes you guessed it, fruits.

So get your kid a cake they will happily and healthy-ly (is that even a word?) enjoy. And you know what, why don’t you enjoy a slice yourself? You most definitely deserve it!


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